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We address contemporary voyeurism, which goes hand in hand with social media addiction,
as well as the screens that propagate it. In exploring this theme, we use three essential tools in our pieces:
the audience, the performer, and the video.

First, we place the audience in a voyeuristic position over relatively passive performers
– instantly acting to mirror the voyeurism we partake in by publishing and analyzing intimate content on social networks.
Through our creations, we force the audience into authentic, real experiences.
This experiment aims to disrupt, disturb, and make the original, virtual position feel uncomfortable.

The performer acts as both the starting point for creative thought and the focal point of our work.
His body is our place for projections and heterotopia.
His physical presence is witness to a humanity trying to resist machines. We want to highlight this attempt.

The third tool – the video via the camera, the video projection, the iPad, and the iPhone – is simultaneously a filter and obstacle of reality, intensifying feelings, defying the limits of the human eye, and revealing the intimacy of « self. »


Direction Anna Barthes

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